Mindful Goods for the Modern Consumer.


Minimal designs, that can be worn everyday.

Dressed up, or Dressed down, Your call.

Handcrafted in the United States, out of materials sourced locally.


Taking pride in our brand, Ensuring we provide the best.

Ethical practices in the studio, locally sourced materials on the bench,

and recycled packaging delivered to you. 


Encouraging our clients to be Conscious,

Conscious of their impact on the world.






Our Spring 2017 Collection was designed with androgyny in mind, to symbolize society unified.

Breaking down the Gender Roles, and creating a brand that is meant for anyone.

Simple, Versatile, and Thought Provoking.


We hope to make a difference socially, and environmentally.

To create a world we love... One 'Treat yo self' moment at a time.

Fashion is a big part of many lives, lets make it a cleaner, more ethical industry!

We can all feel fucking great about.


Designed, Handcrafted and Photographed by

Saint Louis native, Caitlin Rose Ward.

High in the Mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado

8,885ft elevation