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About Caitlin.

A Slow Fashion Brand that grew from the desire to make a beautiful difference in a dirty industry

Established by Caitlin Rose Ward in 2013, right after moving to Crested Butte, Colorado from her hometown, Saint Louis, Missouri.

Graduating high school, and moving forward with an undecided major, Caitlin got through one semester at the state university, and left college to build real world experience, in the midst of indecision.

Right around the same time, she met Jeff and Mary Clarke, owners of Mother Model Management, who helped set her sights on a career in modeling.

After a few years of strict dieting, obsessing over body image, and a lack of creativity, she reevaluated her path, and began focusing on the working artist.

Interning with Saint Louis Photographer, and editor-in-chief of Alive Magazine, Attilio D’Agostino. She began to more throughly understand the behind-the-scenes of the industry, in all of its creative beauty!

Shaking things up and seeking inspiration, she moved from her hometown, to a tiny little town in Colorado.

A big life change, in a new place, she evaluated what was meaningful to her, and what brought her joy.

Seeing beautiful things and creating beautiful things… So she got a torch and a camera.

She began utilizing the inspiration that was surrounding her, and turning that into bits of Lonewolf Collective.

Mindful Goods for the Modern Consumer.

Creating simple & all-inclusive designs

for the modern tastemakers,

who carefully curate their collection with

minimal & sustainable pieces


Currently we only carry jewelry,

but expect more sustainable goods

to start popping up in

our shop soon!

Designed, Handcrafted and Photographed by

Caitlin Rose Ward.