All of our Packaging and Materials are sourced in the United States, Bringing revenue to our fellow small business owners, and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.





BGA Turquoise in Nevada, including the Black Hills Mine, and Blue Oasis Mine. All of their Turquoise in untreated, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Silver and Gold

We source our Metals, Tools, and other material from

Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico,

They strive to create a sustainable business, maintaining a path of least damage.

We purchase our Argentium/Recycled Silver mix there. When recycling Silver, it is taught to add New Silver to the mix to insure a quality product.

We have a few pieces that we recycle in our studio, these are in fact 100% recycled.


Old T-Shirt Business Cards


100% Recycled Cotton T-Shirts

Printed in Rhode Island USA



American Mined Tourmaline

Mined in California by High Desert Gem and Minerals at the Himalaya Mine.

This beautiful Green Tourmaline stimulates Happiness and a Joy for life, Bringing about Inner peace and serenity. 




Ethically Sourced Leather is important to us,

We've sourced our Deerskin Leather from Wisconsin USA,  from Wild deer hunted in season.

This will most likely be our last season working with this Deerskin.

Have a suggestion for a  material you'd like to see? Please Email Us!

Family Owned Chain Company

Searching the wide web, we finally found a Jewelry Chain Manufacture in the United States. 

Garlan Chain has been around since 1967

They are located in Massachusetts, and they are awesome!

We use there Sterling Silver and Gold Fill Chains.