I was so unsure of what i was doing, highly doubtful that i had made the wrong decision, 

Thinking i had thrown everything i had worked for away, 

Young and Full of doubt, that would sum up my early 20's

The snow fell on those Gold Leaves, and I snapped my first photograph,

Game Over, I fell head over heels, for the thrill of the adventure.


Caitlin Rose




These are the days that rejuvenate you,

Replenish you, and make you feel human again.

Cold beers, herb bowls, and the most boisterous laughter.

These days make you unplug, relax, and breath.

These are the days we will remember as we grow old and slow.


Caitln Rose

Nowhere to be, except where you choose,

Feeling the power behind this tamed creature.

Fresh rain, hanging onto the blades of the green grass,

Surround by the hills and mountains.

Serenity at its finest.


Caitlin Rose