american mined turquoise bolo tie unisex

Unisex Luxe Turquoise Bolo


Handcrafted premium Bolo Tie,

Made using an American Mined Turquoise (Stones will Vary)

some heavy duty In-House-Recycled Silver tips, and Braided Leather Cord.

This is like our Unisex Turquoise bolo, but much thicker, and heavier, a high end bolo, for all our your bolo needs.

Designed to be a unisex piece of jewelry, you can wear it proper, or take it down for a more casual look.

Trying our hardest to reduce our footprint, we are always looking for a way to used recycled materials.

We take all of our Sterling Silver Scraps and melt them down and turn them into these Recycled Silver Pellets!!

Check out the process here!

Prefer something a little more low-key?

How about a Recycled Silver Bolo?

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american mined turquoise bolo tie unisex
braided leather american mined turquoise bolo tie
made in america unisex turquoise bolo tie
recycled silver and american mined turquoise bolo tie
braided leather and recycled silver turquoise bolo tie unisex